The sponsor of this site is CertificationKits.  So you may be asking yourself why would they give away for free a CCNA study guide when they could be selling it on their site or in a bookstore?  Well the whole reason CertificationKits was created was to help others get high quality Cisco training at a low price.  And what can be a better low price than free?

So here is a little about our history and why we are providing this free CCNA study guide site.  CertificationKits was founded back in 2000 when I was obtaining my CCNA certification.  At that time I worked as a Network Administrator in a large corporate environment responsible for various Novell, NT4, Citrix, SMS servers and the like.  I was also at that time a freelance instructor for the Novell CNE and Microsoft MCSE tracks.  Now whenever I took a class, I always replicated the class topology at home by buying servers, workstations and the such.  So when I took the CCNA class I did the same.  Back in those days, the 2501 router were running about $1,000 used!  Then I had to find the back to back cables, rollover cable, the console adapter (there were not any 1 piece console kits back in those days) and transceivers. I really had to struggle to find all the little pieces I needed as they were not readily available.  In doing so, I even bought some wrong pieces wasting my time and hard earned money!  After I got my CCNA I decided I wanted to do the same for CCNP and spent $20,000 building that lab.  Shortly after obtaining my CCNP, I was now conducting CCNA classes and then later on CCNP classes.  So then after the tech bubble burst, I decided I would take my skills as an instructor and create CCNA curriculum targeted specifically for home based self study labs.  This would require creating a self study lab workbook for the student to follow along with.

Thus CiscoKits was born which was the first company dedicated to Cisco CCNA kits with lab workbooks and other training material.  After a few years Cisco did not like our name so we had to change it to CertificationKits.  As CertificationKits has evolved, we have continued to refine our products and today we have the best CCNA lab workbook and complimentary CCNA study materials on the market.  Much of it is free and on our website.  Now we finally got around to writing an entire CCNA study guide and we are also giving this back to the Cisco community.  So we are proud to offer this free resource to you and ask you to help us make it the most popular CCNA study guide by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.