Distance Learning and The Increased Importance of Home Labs

As we all work together through COVID-19, schools slowly start to reopen and progress is made to get things back to being as close to normal as possible, the classroom environments will unquestionably be adapting as well.  Some institutions are setting distance learning in place until we can all safely come directly back to the […]

CCENT & CCNA STP Practice Exam Question!

As you start to prepare for your various Cisco certifications, one thing you will notice about Cisco exams is they are not the easy multiple choice type questions that you will see with the CompTIA A+ exams or the such.  That is why the Cisco certification holds so much more weight with employers and provides you a better chance of landing a well-paying job than a CompTIA certification. Thus you will see questions on your CCNA or CCENT exam that makes you string together multiple concepts to be able to select the correct answer.  They often provide you with information overload!  In our sample CCNA practice exam scenario question we have here today, you can see this in action.

It is typical that you will see a topology similar to the sample below on your Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-120 CCNA exam.  This question brings together the concepts of switching, VLAN (virtual LANs, STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) and redundancy all in one.  Ensuring that you understand how each relate to the other.  So let’s jump into the question below.

Using the topology exhibit below, you are a CCNA administrator.  One of the CCNP network engineers has had reports of network connectivity issues and he has asked you to solve the problem for him since he is unavailable at this time. It is suspected that the cable connected to switch port Fa0/1 on SwitchD is disconnected. What would be an effect of this cable being disconnected?

CCNA Exam Question


Do I Need A Home Lab to Study for my CCNA Exam?

A common question we get from CCNA students is “Do I really need a CCNA Lab to pass the exam?”.  This is a great question and you can slice and dice the answer in a few different ways.  I will answer this from my own personal experience as an instructor who has delivered the CCNA […]

How to Become CCENT or CCNA Certified?

Welcome to the FreeCCNAStudyGuide Blog. As you might expect we will cover items surrounding the Cisco CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) exams. The topics covered can range from the R&S (Routing and Switching), Wireless, Security and Voice exam predominantly. So check back every now and then for new […]